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  • Excess Thorp High School annuals from various years, ranging from 1932 to 2012, are available. Click here for a detailed list and ordering information.
  • Click here to read a report about the Thorp Alumni Association's 45th Annual Thorp Alumni Association Reunion, held Saturday, June 29, 2019.
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Welcome to the "Official" Thorp Alumni Association (TAA) website, for graduates, attendees and faculty of Thorp High School (Wisconsin), and honorary members of the Thorp Alumni Association. We mean it when we say the "Official" TAA website . . . click here to read why!

This is your Thorp alumni Web site

This site belongs to all graduates, attendees and faculty of Thorp High School (Wisconsin), and honorary members of the Thorp Alumni Association. We want to know what you would like to see on the site, in addition to the content presently available. Please let us know via email. Remember that this is the official Thorp (Wisconsin) alumni Web site and that there is no charge for anything on the site.

NEW (8/23/2021) TAA Needs Your Help In Collecting Information — The TAA needs help collecting the most recent information on all alumni of Thorp High School to prepare for the next TAA reunion June 25, 2022. Click here to read how you can help the TAA collect information.

Excess THS Yearbooks and 2020 TAA Directory — The Thorp Alumni Association has excess yearbooks available for sale at a reasonable price of $5 each. Also available for purchase is the new 2020 TAA Directory at $20. They make great gifts! Click here for more information, including an updated list of yearbooks.

TAA Reunion Update — As expected, the TAA 47th annual reunion was cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic and the risks it presents. However, the annual meeting of the group still was held as planned on June 26, 2021. Click here to read the important details of the meeting, which included discussion regarding the future of the TAA.

For Alumni — The Thorp Alumni Association is offering alumni the opportunity to purchase the new 2020 TAA Directory, order the TAA newsletter and make donations to the scholarship fund as well as the general operating fund. Click here to access the form.

TAA now on Facebook — In addition to the TAA website, the TAA has set up a Facebook page for all of our alumni to enjoy. Check it out. To be sure you have our site, there is a picture of the name from the school building used for the cover photo on the main page.

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